The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


You were definitely going to be gone by tomorrow, but no leagus was going to make you move anywhere today. The warms springs where heaven on your tired feet, the bubbling sound the water made was most relaxing, and surprisingly, even the stones you were sitting on were comfortable. You were enjoying bird songs when another mare appeared on the other side of the springs.

"I found it!" she said happily. "I knew it was real, I knew it wasn't just a story!" And then she squinted though the steam at you. "And what's that?"

You introduce yourself. "I'm Jaan. Well, I certainly hadn't expected to come across two legends in one day. So humans are real." She shakes her head. "I suppose that means elephants exist to?" You nod, but point out probably not in her Realm, but they were very real in yours.

"Hmphf. Well I can't wait to go back and tell the others that I was right all along. They didn't believe me when I told them that I would find the fabled healing mineral springs."

Healing? You thought it was just making you feel better, but sure enough, you poke your toe throught the surface and it was good as new, a little shrivelled from the heat and the water, but all better just the same. You pull both your feet out and sit cross-legged on the rock.

By the time you did all this, Jaan had left, probably to go gloat to her friends. Oh well, you would have liked to go with her, after all, she may need proof of humans. Instead, you lay back on the rock and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


Name: Jaan
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Primary Colours
Offspring: None
December 2004

Pragosi Rainforest