The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


The mare waded through the large pool the spring poured into. The steam rose around her giving her a ghostly effect. After what you'd encountered before you wouldn't have been surprised. But no, she was flesh and blood.

She wrinkled her nose, this time not due to scent, but just basic disgust. Obviously she didn't want a human pollution her healing spring water. You tell her Efrek brought you, hoping that would get her to lay off. It worked.

"Did he. Fine, I'm not going to argue, but nor am I going to continue bathing until the water has purified itself." She steps out and shakes her coat dry, in the process drenching you. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Did I get some of it on you?" You were beginning to wonder how many snarky leagi there were in this rainforest. You'd think they'd have run out of insults by now.

She lay by the edge of the pool, preening in her reflection. "My name is Idris. Not many know about this pool, even fewer who are not leagi. I wonder what possessed Efrek to bring you here."

You poke your foot out of the water and expose your injured toe. She sighs, "Always a bleeding heart that stallion. You're not going to die of that, are you?" She seemed disgusted at the thought of having to clean you up afterwards. You reasure her that you won't cause her that kind of trouble.

"Good," she said rising up. "I do hope you will have moved along by tomorrow? Yes? Well, good afternoon then." And then she left.


Name: Idris
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: None
Offspring: None
December 2004

Pragosi Rainforest