The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


You wander in the direction the mare had indicated. There was no path, so you just meandered about. If she had a specific destination in mind, it was unlikely you were going to end up there, you'd had to make so many detours when the rainforest became impassable.

After some time passed, you had the strangest feeling that someone was following you. Glancing back over your shoulder you kept trying to catch a glimpse of movement, of a shadow that didn't belong to the trees, but nothing.

Finally you stop, turn around and call out to your stalker. You'd feel pretty stupid if there was no one. And feeling pretty stupid, you turn back when there was no response and almost walk into a male leagus.

He grinned, "Hey! You're pretty good you know. I'm impressed you noticed me back there, though I had to give you a few hints to get your attention at the beginning."

Another mischievious leagus, but of course, much preferable to the nasty kind.

"My name is Ashe, and I'm pleased to meet you. My mother Lynea told me to keep a look out for you, she said I'd probably find you interesting." You racked your brain trying to remember if you'd met Lynea or not, there's been so many. After a while you couldn't believe how you could have forgotten, Ashe looked so much like her.

"Come, I'll take you to see Ballimae, she's like a sister to me, especially since our parents were in the same Pri~erd and we kind of grew up together."


Name: Ashe
Gender: Male
Parents: Ramos x Lynea
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: None
Offspring: None
December 2004

Pragosi Rainforest