The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


The rustlings you had heard turned out to be a leagus getting ready for her nap. The green mare turned to look at you with her red eyes, but otherwise didn't seem to mind the intrusion. You sit down nearby and ask if she'd rather you'd left.

"No, I don't mind the company. What is your name, little one? I am called Selar."

You tell her your name, and some of your recent travels. She laughs as you describe the green blur you had just witnessed.

"That was most likely Kova. Some thing she is a little strange, racing about the realm like something was about to eat her. But I think its wonderful that she has found her talent, and then is unafraid to enjoy it. If one is capable of running like the wind, one should do so. I, on the other hand, haven't much skill in running. I have this tendency of colliding with trees. The trees don't like it and neither do I."

You laugh with her. After having been around so many magical creatures, most of them appearing almost perfect in their design, it was nice to talk to someone so "normal". Someone who could be as clumsy and awkward as you. Though you knew that her definition of a clutz was graceful compared to yours.

As time passed, you knew you should let Selar finally have her nap. You bid her farewell.


Name: Selar
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Summer Sun
Offspring: None
August 2004

Pragosi Rainforest