The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


What's the difference between a jungle and a rainforest anyway you wonder. Well, the creatures that live there for one thing!


The little creature watches you intently, but doesn't seem too scared of you. You're tempted to pat it, but you never know.... Turns out the mouse-like creature could talk! "I'm Chyo. I friend of leagus!" She says this very proudly, but it comes out almost comical as her voice is little more than a squeak.

"What leagus?" you ask as you look about.

"That leagus," her ears flap back and forth as if a bit irritated with your dumb questions.


A handsome creature steps forth from the deep green foliage, his yellow coat glowing gold in the sunlight. He looks at you with large silver eyes, his mane a swirl of black and silver upon his neck. "My name is Timicin," he says in a deep and powerful voice. I am from the Pragosi Rainforest but live here now. Chyo and Jeno have watched me since I was an egg."

"Jeno?" you venture to ask.

Chyo just rolls her eyes and turns to look for the source of some music. A funny little pink thing comes up humming a little tune. "That Jeno, he help me."


Jeno seems to be startled right out of his song. You smile at him and he picks up his tune where he left off with a shy grin on his face. You ask a little more about the leagi. "A leagus is a creature that is part dragon, part pegasus and part lion. More can be found at my homeland if you enter the portal down there. I'm afraid I remember little, having hatched under the watchful eye of Chyo here." The mouse-creature fluttered her ears at the compliment but remained silent.

Then Chyo snorts and disappears into the brush with Timicin following, giving you a polite nod just before he vanishes amongst the trees. Jeno smiles, then his face gets a startled look as he realizes that Chyo and Timicin left him alone. Quickly he follows the other two.


Name: Timicin
Gender: Male
Parents: Lachima and Saraph
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Summer Sun
Offspring: Demaree

Head: H,h
Tail: {T},T
Color: {C},{c}
Feet: {F},F
Ears: m1,m1
Horns: W,w

Pragosi Rainforest
Mystical Eggs
Starluck's Sweetwater Nymphs