The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


At the end of the path you found something you least expected. Not only was snow a rare occurrence in a rainforest, but to be presented with a family of leagi frolicking in it just continued to add to the magic of this place.

Both male and female had reindeer horns and it seemed like they all had reindeer hooves.

~Who did you think pulls Santa's sleigh here?~ a gentle voice said in your head. It was the green female. ~I am Yareena. This is my mate Letek and my son Spock.~ The little one bounded over to you carrying a sprig of holly in his mouth and offered it as a gift. You helped him pin it to a cloak you were now wearing but hadn't noticed before. You were glad you had it as you as it was actually quite chilly here. Weird as it was to be standing amongst the rainforest trees in knee deep snow.

A deeper voice said, ~We were Christmas gifts to the Realm Keeper here from Myrror, guardian of the Pragosi Rainforest. Oh, so you've already met Timicin, have you? Perhaps you would like to meet another special leagus? She lives right over there. Spock enjoys visiting her often.~ You look at the path he indicates and follow.

Pragosi Rainforest