The Magical Herd

The Pine Forest


And snow you did find. Lots of it. The green of the pine trees made a beautiful contrast against the white of the snow drifts. You huddle deeper into your cloak, but it was warm so you didn't mind the cool air in which you could see your breath. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a creature leaps up with a cry, startling you so much that you slide right off Firecracker's back.

You hear two creatures chuckling.

You glare at them.

Then you take a good look at the creature that had surprised you just a moment ago.

"Hiya! My name is Octember. At least that's what everyone calls me around here," he grins widely. "I came a little early for Christmas. You know, one of those that start singing Christmas carols even before Halloween is over?" He laughs. "I'm a Kayatha by the way, from Avalon Island. And a Merry Christmas to you!"

You hate to point out that it most likely wasn't anywhere near Christmas right now......but he seemed to be so much into the spirit of things you hated to burst his bubble. And then again, weren't you supposed to keep that Christmas feeling all year long anyway?

So it didn't take much convincing before the three of you were caroling the afternoon away, both equines singing quite off-key.

Soon a new voice was humming along, but this one was able to keep in tune. You turn to see a beautiful winged stallion.

He was the colour of a winter's morning frost, but his coat was thickest and warmest thing you'd ever felt. He didn't seem to mind you warming your fingers in its deep softness. He had a deep baritone for a voice, "My name is Trillo, a Peak Kayatha. I come from a herd which lives on Thorn Mountain in Avalon." He was a proud and noble creature, as well as much bigger and stronger than Octember.

After a few moments of silence, Octember couldn't stand it anymore, he broke out into another carol with his shaky voice. Firecracker was the next to sing along, and to your surprise, Trillo joined in as well with his rich voice. Unfortunately, the other two were so off-key that soon everyone was laughing at how silly they sounded together.

Well, wasn't that what Christmas was all about?


Name: Trillo
ID: 6
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Subspecies: Peak Kayatha
Mate: None
February 2001