The Magical Herd

The Pine Forest


This part of the forest was much warmer. Actually, as you looked down a cliff-face, you could even see the drigus deserts spead out below you. The warm dry air rose up and sometimes you could feel a grain of sand upon your face. You turn back into the woods where it was still quite cool.

Crunching through the pine needles, you stop when you hear a squeak, or maybe it was a tiny whinnie. You look down.....way down.

"Please be careful and watch where you're going, you almost stepped on us!" Then she smiled. "My name is Mica."

The wind blows the branches back a bit, letting the sunlight through. Something glittered on Mica's *was* Mica's back!

"Oh, yes. That does surprise people sometimes. I was born too early, and they had to give me these cybernetic hind legs so that I would be able to survive."

"And that's why she's so much fun to be around with. She just loves life. My name is Florin by the way."

Florin turned out to be a friendly male who happens to like butterflies a lot.

You ask them where they were from. "Did you meet the Kayatha? Well, we're also from Avalon Island, but from the VineSweep Livestock Barn."

The sounds of scrambling through the pine needles and twigs on the ground brings to your attention a long-legged Minorii.

"I told you I'd do it before nightfall! Oh hello. I didn't know we had a visitor, I'm Calay."

Florin explained, "We bet she couldn't run down the Minorii path to the desert and back up again before nightfall. But she's just proven that she really *is* the fastest Minorii of them all! She hopes to become a track star....we don't doubt she'll succeed, we just hope it won't go to her head."

Calay replied by sticking out her tongue.

A high pitched kind of wail or howl pierced the twilight. You shivered and looked about for the source. The three Minorii grin, or was that four...yes, there was a fourth one now.

You could see that she has just come up from the desert below and she was.....hairless? Seeing the look on your face she nods. "That's why I live down in the desert, it is much warmer there, though I can stand to be up here for a while, especially after the heat I generate from the climb! My name is T'sha."

Calay snorts and it's T'sha's turn to stick out her tongue.

You ask what made that strange sound. T'sha snickers, "That was me! I love to howl at the moon. See, its just rising over the mountains there."

And indeed it was. Night had fallen and all was dark. Suddenly a chill wind blew through, carrying with it an eerie silence. The world was hushed, nothing moved. Something was coming. You couldn't hear it, you couldn't see it, but it was there. Something dark.

You could see that the others felt it too. They had huddled together, they knew what it was. You couldn't help it, you knelt down right beside them as if you could hide yourself in their midst. It must have looked silly but everyone around was too scared to notice.

A movement out of the corner of your eye.


A twig snaps.

A bird takes to the air, in a rush to leave this darkened place.

Florin sees it first and lets out a gasp. You look where he is looking. It was there, but you didn't know what *it* was.

You watched it glide silently across the clearing till it vanished from view into the forest. Where it's hooves had touched the ground, the grass and moss had withered and died.

The air began to get warmer, and the night less oppresive. You asked the others what that was.

"That was a Full Death Elemental Minorii," Florin replied with great respect. "He is the first of his kind to leave the Tarn Pits of the Forbidden Zone. They control all aspects of death. Very fragile creatures and very strong in dark power, these Minorii are dangerous. So best avoid them. They can also breed with other Minorii but the offspring are abominations, Memory Minorii, who live half-way between life and death."

He stops and looks up at you, his butterflies forgotten. "We don't know his name. We call him Deathwalker."

You look towards where the creature had vanished. An appropriate name indeed.

"Why is everyone so glum?" a new Minorii asked. She too had a cybernetic leg, and she had a distinct resemblance to Florin. The reaction of Florin and Mica to the arrival of the newcomer convinced you of it......she was their daughter.

"Vayshi, meet our visitor, a human! As for being glum, Deathwalker passed this way just a moment ago. We were so worried about you. We didn't know where you were!"

Limping forward slowly she reasured her parents. "Deathwalker would never hurt me. He knows I am friends with Shadowspecter."

Both parents winced at that. "We wish you wouldn't spend so much time with him." Turning to you they explain. "Shadowspecter is one of the Memory Minorii, the offspring of Deathwalker and Calay."

Calay looked a bit embarassed. "Well, I was young then!"

"But mother, Shadowspecter is gentle and kind. He doesn't give off the same dark atmosphere that Deathwalker does, otherwise you would have known long ago that he was standing just over there...."

You turn to see the Memory Minorii. He glowed a spectral green, most likely what gave him his name. You could understand now why they were called Memory, for he seemed to have as much substance as a memory. With a growl, Florin runs after him, driving him away. Without a sound, the stallion turned and seemingly floated away to disappear where his father had gone. T'sha howled. Vayshi glared at her parents, her father in particular.

"Was that really necessary? He would have left if you had asked him nicely. It's not like any other stallion would look twice at me, with my birth defects after all."

She limps off, her mother following to console her daughter. Florin just growled lightly.

Suddenly everyone stopped what they were doing with the sound of something jingling. Sounded like jingle bells actually. Then the sound of a small creature humming a Christmas carol could be heard. Turning to your right, you see a red male come wandering into the clearing. He blinked as he saw the confusion going on. Florin growling, Vayshi crying, Mica trying to console her, Calay looking embarrased, T'sha howling now and then. And of course, his eyes finally settle on you.

"Umm....." was all he said.

Florin grinned. "Jasper! Just the Minorii we needed to liven the atmosphere. Come meet our visitor."

After the introductions you found out why Jasper was wearing jingle bells. He was a Christmas gift to the Realm Keeper. You also found out why Florin was so happy to see him. Jasper was a happy personality that was quite contagious. Soon everyone was singing or laughing, especially when Jasper's resemblance to a peppermint was mentioned.. Out of the corner of your eye you saw that Shadowspecter had returned to watch from a distance. Vayshi saw that you had seen him too. You winked at her and said nothing to the others. She gave you a grateful smile.


Name: Calay
Gender: Female
ID: Min37F
Parents: Wild
Special: ----
December 2000

Name: Mica
Gender: Female
ID: Min43F
Parents: Wild
Special: Cybernetic legs
December 2000

Name: Florin
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Special: ----
December 2000

Name: T'sha
Gender: Female
ID: Min80F
Parents: Wild
Special: Hairless
December 2000

Name: Deathwalker
Gender: Male
ID: Min71M
Parents: Wild
Special: Death Element
December 2000

Name: Vayshi
Gender: Female
ID: Min217F
Parents: Mica X Florin
Special: Cybernetic leg
February 2001

Name: Shadowspecter
Gender: Male
ID: Min216M
Parents: Calay X Deathwalker
Special: Memory/Death Half-Element
February 2001

Name: Jasper
Gender: Male
ID: xminorii195m
Parents: Wild
Special: Christmas batch
February 2001

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