The Magical Herd

The Pine Forest

You hadn't heard him approach, but it was clear that he'd been watching you for some time. He flicked a curious ear in your direction and then stepped forward. You weren't quite sure what he was, and at that thought you heart gave a happy little flutter. It was something new again.

He moved towards you cautiously, but with great interest in your presence. He seemed young, and perhaps new to this Realm. Maybe he found you as fascinating as you did him. You introduce yourself and he pauses a moment, a little surprised.

"I can understand you...", a flick of his tail later, "My name is Sanson."

You grin at him, and he smiles warmly back. The two of you get into a discussion as to whether you were talking the same language, or there was some magic about that maybe allowed you to understand the other as if it were the same language. Your argument for it was the number of creatures speaking English, that just didn't make sense to have happened by chance. He disagreed, pointing out that some creatures spoke in other languages. Soon the two of you were walking side by side like old friends, not really caring where you wandered.


Name: Sanson
ID: 003
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
January 2008

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