The Magical Herd

The Pasture


A small paint horse is the next creature you meet up with. He doesn't look particlarly magical, until he speaks. And not telepathically either, but through his mouth.


"Hello friend Firecracker. Who is this you've brought with you? Would they like to meet with the King's Horses do you think?"

Without giving your mount a chance to reply you ask eagerly, "The King's horses. They must be special indeed!"

"Well then, they're over here. The first is the colt Elarewyn. He's the youngest of them all, just a foal actually. He's very silly as you can see." Soon you realize that Eshyr was there to speak for the King's horses, as they could not themselves.


He pretended not to be interested in you, but constantly kept his head to the side a bit so he could keep and eye on you. During the whole time that Eshyr was introducting you to the other, he kept himself at the exact same angle and the exact same distance from you, no matter how much you got turned around.

A mare trots up and bows. "This is Charu. She is the most graceful of the herd, very elegant and beautiful. And she never lets is go to her head, she remains very sweet."


Next came a little fat old pony. "Ah, Oshyshy," Eshyr says it like O-shy-shy. "This is the eldest member of the herd. A jolly pony, always ready for a good laugh or two. He also knows all the best places in the meadow to find the sweetest clover or the finest grass. As you can see," and the paint nudges the pony in the belly. Oshyshy responds by putting back his ears, then laughing.


You took a quick look out of the corner of eye, just to make sure the little foal hadn't given up his game yet. You got a good view of his little tail swishing back and forth. Then an appaloosa mare came forward, stretching out her neck to see you, as if she were unsure if she should go any closer.


Eshyr laughed, "No, she's not afraid. Jaessa likes to smell things first since she's a bit near-sighted." You reaches out to stroke her soft muzzle. She seemed to like that, then let you go after and itch on her back. "Now, where's Albary. He's the herd stallion. Not very friendly, he just likes to be by himself. He's not mean or anything, just a loner. There he is, on the top of that slope there."


You looked at the proud stallion watching over his herd. Albary coat was of a strange orange brown while his mane and tail were midnight black. And impressive sight. You waved at him from where you were. He just stared impassively. "Don't let him bother you, he's always like that. Sometimes we think he misses the King's Stables where he was a lord's mount. There's a bit of a maze to get back to the stables and none of us have made it so far. But I'm sure he won't give up until he sees his colthood friends again. I myself hatched from a Mystical Egg. Hope you've enjoyed your stay."

August 1999