The Magical Herd

The Pasture


It sounded like thunder, the pounding of a wild horse's hooves. You saw the pasture nearby, the stables further off. You walk up to the fence and try to find the source of the sound. Then, from behind a group of trees gallops a magnificent Fjord stallion.

The wind blows and he scent's your presence. His head jerks you and he stops stiff-legged, ears pricked forward. He stands like a statue, nothing but the wind moving his tail. Then he shakes his head and snorts a challenge, scraping a forehoof in the grass.

Then suddenly he wheels about and gallops back out of sight.

Name: White Eye
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Unknown (wild)
Notes: Caught in by hand in Norway, is especially prized for his unusual markings. Rare. Not broken.

May 2001