The Magical Herd

The Pasture


You wonder what secrets the meadow holds. Besides, it sounds like a nice place to visit. In a flash, Firecracker stops by a crystal clear stream and allows you to dismount and have a drink. The water is fresh and cool. As you look into the water, you think you can make out a form, an equine form. You stand up and look into the face of a beautiful young filly.


~Welcome traveler. I am Milonna. I hope you have enjoyed your travels thus far, and that you will continue to find other wonders to delight you.~ With that she prances off after a golden butterfly. You wonder if there are more of the herd to be found here in the meadows.
Milonna hatched from a Mystical Egg
April 1999

Sure enough, not far away, there was a group of little horses. One spies you and comes running.


"Hello," he whinnies. "My name is Shosh. The sleepy one over there is Ishe. Shani likes to paint and Ushe is enthralled by that butterfly."

You walk over and say hello to each one of them except Ishe, who wouldn't have heard you anyway. Shani offers up a paintbrush. You ask her what you're supposed to paint on. She laughs and says "On each other, silly!" Covered in pink paint, you try to talk to Ushe, but he seems so entranced by the butterfly by his nose, he doesn't respond. Shani sneaks up behind you and starts to paint again. You realized that she painted "We're from Starluck's Sweetwater Nymphs" all over your back. Took a bit of doing as you had to hang from a branch over the stream to first see the reflection and then read it backwards.

A motherly nicker brings your attention to a white mare, the mother of all these silly foals.


~Welcome to my home. I see you have already met some of my children. My name is Ashana." She flicked her tail as one of the three whites ones started pulling on it. They were all so cute. You didn't get a chance to ask their names for Firecracker pushed you into the stream to get cleaned off. Then you remounted and left the playful ones.