The Hidden Mountain Pass


You head towards the rocks only to find a small animal on the other side. She lets out a little gasp when she sees you.

The little white creature stares at you wide eyed. Then curiosity got the better of her and she came over to sniff you. She was very young, probably just a cub. But after having sniffed you carefully, she looked up and smiled at you. And then she spoke. "My name is Zalcorkan. I've never smelt anything like you before!" She grins even wider. You could see by her teeth that she would be a carnivore.

She started to bounce excitedly. "I have something special to tell you." Bounce, bounce. "I have a mu... a mutat.... A mutation!" Zalcorkan beams as she finally gets through the word. "See, I have no stripes! We're supposed to have stripes. And my eyes are red and my mane is black!" Bounce, bounce.

You tell her that she is very special. She sings: "I'm a special Dalvarii!" over and over again. Finally she gets tired of you and decides to go investigate some of the other more interesting things on the mountain side.


Name: Zalcorkan
Gender: Female
Parents: Dalbako & Morvaka
Mate: None
August 2000

Dalvarii Caverns