The Hidden Mountain Pass


Laughter and giggling filled the air. But for the life of you, you could not find the creatures which made the sound. And there wasn't too many places to hide on this flat plateau you just clambered onto. Just a few pebbles dotted the landscape for far enough that any giggling couldn't be hiding behind the bigger rocks in the distance.

So you do the one thing you can do. You just walk along.....giggling following you at every step. Were the creatures invisible? That was the one thing you were sure of. There was more than one of them. Suddenly something small flew by your eyes and you wave you hand to get it away. Must be some kind of insect.

You stop yourself. could be the giggling creature. You try to follow the tiny shape with your eyes, and sure enough, the spots stand still long enough for you to see them.

"HIHIHIHIHI!" the bouncing purple one exclaimed. "We're Midlets! My name is Flip."

"And I'm Nip!" the blue one shouted, a big smile on its face.

"Zzzzzzzzz," the yellow one added.

"Seth!" the other two giggled in unison. Seth opened one eye, looked around, winked and went back to sleep.

They were terribly cute little hyper things. They were also terribly hard to keep track of. You look away for a moment and you can't even find the motionless Seth anymore, let alone the other two in perpetual motion.

You head towards the large rocks.


October 2001

October 2001

October 2001