The Hidden Mountain Pass


You continue your climb you the moutain slopes till you come to a large plateau area, and though you were at a great altitude, the sun was able to warm it till the temperature was just perfect. The plateau was so large that you could not see to the other side of it. There were trees here and there, and towards your right it became a veritable forest. At the moment it was much like a meadow, and it was *full* of wonderfully scented flowers.

You decide to head towards the trees, but on there way there you find a strange looking creature, with some very ornate golden jewelry dangling from his tail.

He looked up at you and chittered happily. He stopped a moment, thought and then said, "Hello! My name is Joy of The Ruby Midnight Sunflowers, but you can call me Joy." He twitched his tail around and the golden thing tinkled.

You ask him what he was after introducing yourself.

"You don't know?" he frowed, then shrugged and smiled again. "I'm a Leverine!" he said in his cheerful voice. He was a very friendly creature indeed.

With a happy little twitch he exclaims, "I'd like you to meet my daughter, Petunia Sweets of An Aqua Summer's Flower Garden." You couldn't help but be surprised at the very long name. She was very pretty and she smiled sweetly at you.

A chirp from a distance makes them hop up. "We gotta go, was nice to meet a real human! You weren't scary at all!" he calls out as he runs off through the flowers followed by his daughter.


Name: Joy of The Ruby Midnight Sunflowers
Gender: Male
ID: lev6-easter-11
Parents: Midnight Sunflowers
Mate: Plum IceCream of Summers Flower Garden
Offspring: Pansy and Petunia
April 2001

Name: Petunia Sweets of An Aqua Summer's Flower Garden
Gender: Female
ID: lev-br3-sita-f1
Parents: Plum IceCream of Summers Flower Garden and Joy of The Ruby Midnight Sunflowers
Mate: None
Offspring: None
October 2001