The Hidden Mountain Pass


You scramble through the underbrush of this small forest until you hear a sobbing sound. At least that what it sounded like to you, like someone crying. Peering silently through the brambles, you spot a golden form lying in a small area of sunlight. It was a lion, and there were tears upon his face.

You decide not to disturb it, but in an attempt to get a better look, the branch you were leaning on breaks with a resounding SNAP!

The lion's head jumps up and a low growl comes from his throat. Rather than try and run, which would probably get you eaten, you come forward pretending that you had just arrived and had stepped on a twig. He eyes you warily but makes no move.

You apologize for waking him, and he shakes his mane in response. "I am Golden Pride, an Indowarion. I was not asleep, so do not apologize."

He seemed to look a little relieved at the thought that you had not seen his tears. You decided to let the matter drop. But then it seems you had nothing to say to him, so you explain that you were in a rush and had to get going. You weren't sure if he really believed you but it seemed like he prefered to be miserable alone. No reason to spread bad feelings around.


Name: Golden Pride
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild