The Hidden Mountain Pass


At last the sun rose, daybreak was a very welcome sight. As you walk along, you could hear the sound of running water, but try as you might, you could not locate the source. Suddenly you notice a large black creature watching you.

Gracefully, she hops down from the tree branch where she had been quietly observing you. Her movements were graceful and light as she came close to you.

~Greetings traveller,~ her voices slips into your mind. ~I am Midnight Dancer, a dance Phinnpardess. I see you do not know what that means. We are a mix of leopard, fish and dragon and we come from Dark Wing's Realm. We come in different types, I am Dance, under the sign of Gar-feu. But I suppose that doesn't mean anything to you either.~

She pads about gently to study you from all sides. ~I'm a warrior, but you don't appear to be much of a threat.~ Vigorously you shake your head. ~Good, because I'd much rather be your friend. I get lonely sometimes as I'm the only Phinnpard here right now.~

You ask about the water, and she smiles.

~Being part fish, we like the water a lot and often hunt there. Follow me.~ She leads you to an opening to a cavern and you could see a sort of underground river flowing, but with enough space above it so that a swimmer might be able to breath. ~There's a waterfall a little ways on, but I wouldn't suggest you try swimming it, not without wings!~ She stretches hers, obviously proud of them. ~Dance don't usually have wings, so it is a kind of mutation.~ She flutters them again.

After a while, you thank her for the pleasant visit, and with her winged help, continue your journey from a new height.


Name: Midnight Dancer
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
ID: 5
Type: Dance
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Dark Wing's Realm