The Hidden Mountain Pass


You decide that sleep is not such a good idea after all. You continue on carefully, eyes glued to the ground for the tell-tale signs of empty vegetable husks. It seems as though that creature was a vegetarian, but you didn't want to take any chances. Actually, you were so intent on looking for discarded veggies that you didn't notice the creature in the shadows before it was too late.

He looks at you, front paws crossed over each other. It was a bit hard to make out his form in the dark, but he seemed to be some sort of fox. His violet eyes glittered in the moonlight.

I am a Yiffin

You start at the voice in your head. You've encountered telepathic creatures before, but none had ever spoken with such a imperial voice before. You weren't sure if you should bow, or grovel before him. He stretches and gets up with a chuckle.

Neither, human. I have little interest receiving respects
from your species. I am Reymahteph, from Avalon Island

Without a doubt, he was reading your mind without your permission.

He merely yawns at your feelings of being insulted.

Obviously he didn't hold humans in high regard.

He grins.

"Stop that!" you say.

He chuckles.

He seems to be enjoying torturing you like this.

He nods.

Finally you decide to just give up and leave his *royal highness*. You think those words as sarcastically as you can as you turn to walk away.

He shakes his head in amusement.
You'll have to do better than that human!

You smile as you hum a song in your head and ignore him. You couldn't be sure, but for a moment, just as you were leaving his telepathic range, you could almost feel his annoyance at being ignored that way. You decide that you probably wouldn't want to come across him again, after all, he did have really big claws. Of course, he would probably consider it beneath him to dirty them with human blood. This time you laugh.


Name: Reymahteph
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
November 2000

Avalon Island