The Hidden Mountain Pass


Leaving the Indowarion, you work your way through the dense brush until you trip over something. You totally did not see the tree root growing right in front of you. You did however see the brown wolf creature glaring at you.

Before his feet you could see that there was something written in the dirt:

A Lyris from

The words glowed strangely. Probably a portal to wherever the Lyris came from. Briefly you pass your hand over the words, they were warm, soft......

A lyris is a wolf-like creature, quite aggressive and somewhat dangerous. They are pack hunters, eating rabbits, elk, caribou, and deer. Their pack structure is very much like that of mundane wolves found on earth. But the lyris have a distinctive characteristic in that they enjoy hoarding treasures, as one would expect a dragon to do. They will guard their hoards visciously.

You blink as you come out of your semi-trance. The Lyris now stood close to you, but no longer menacing. Then strangely enough, he bagan to pull the buttons off your shirt, and one by one placed them carefully in a little corner where there was a collection of some other small trinkets and shiny things. When you tried to retrieve the he turned on you and growled. You realize that this must be his hoard. You decided that you'll be able to get buttons *somewhere* to replace these. There must be someone or something that uses them here.

He then lost interest in you, prefering to gloat over his treasures, to shift them so that the buttons could be placed in just the perfect spot.

Perhaps now it was time for you to move on as well.......


Name: Tanu
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown
Mate: None
Offspring: None
January 2001