The Magical Herd

The Mountains


Caspian and North bring you to another older and proud stallion. You were to find his name was Bellinghausen. Quite a mouthful.

He, like Caspian, bows gracefully after exchanging introductions. He then nuzzles North gently. You wondered if they were mates, but you didn't ask. After asking Bellinghausen where the others might be found, Caspian led you along another path.

He brought you to another stallion. This one a bright yellow. His name was Mediteranean. A little lightbulb appeared over your head as you noticed the connection between the names of the Deriss. It was a bit embarassing though when you had to jump up a couple of times to reach the cord to turn off the lightbulb. Finally Caspian did it for you.

The yellow stallion seemed to chuckle to himself. "I hate it when that happens," he says snickering. "But it doesn't happen all that often to me. I don't get that many bright ideas." You were about to tell him you've never had that lightbulb appear before, but then realized how that would reflect upon you, so you say nothing. Let him think you get them all the time.

Beaufort was the next stallion you encountered. Now you were sure they were all named after sea's. You wondered briefly if there was a Derissa out there called Dead. You hoped not, that'd be too weird.

Beaufort was the youngest of them all. Shy and yet eager to meet you all at the same time. Finally he compromised and creeped up to you with his head held low. He inspected you up and down, and finally allowed you to touch him. Then he bounded away like he had just gone insane. So happy to have been touched by a human, or is that the other way around.

Just as you were beginning to wonder if there was only one mare for all these stallions, Caspian showed you the second mare of the Deriss.

Her name was Adriatic. She was a sweet, gently grey creature. North nuzzled her gently, and Adriatic whispered something in her ear which made North giggle insanely. They both turned and looked at you.

Caspian shrugged as he wandered away. Obviously the tour was over. You waved goodbye to the two mares and wandered off yourself.


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