The Magical Herd

The Mountains


You choose to follow the path, the other way looked much too difficult, and Firecracker would not be able to follow as you would have had to climb a cliff face. This way the path rose smoothly and was easy for equine feet to travel on. At one point you stopped to take a look around. You could see for miles, the mountainous region a dark green buried in a mist of lighter green.

The path had many twists and turns so it wasn't surprising when you came across a creature around a blind curve. It wasn't exactly equine, more like a deer or antelope.

The stallion seemed surprised to see you. "Greetings. I am Caspian of the Deriss. Not many travellers come to the Plains of the Mystic Horses. Even fewer decide to travel up the mountains." He bows.

You ask him about his species. "I am a Derissa, and individual of a Deriss or what you might call a herd. We come from the Nameless Forest though you might have to search a long time before coming across any of our kind. We chose to come to these mountains after the region we used to live in became too crowded for comfort."

A second derissa bounds around the corner looking behind him. Caspian merely steps out of the way. As you were not as agile nor as quick as Caspian, you weren't so lucky, and the derissa crashed into you.

"So sorry," he says between laughs. "My name is Red, by the way. Oops, gotta go!" And he bounds off laughing. Caspian sighs.

When the third derissa appeared, you realized why Red was so eager to get away. This one was obviously chasing someone. As he bounds past you after Red, he pauses for a nod and says, "My name is Baltic." Caspian adds something about Red always annoying Baltic. He did look like a bit of a joker.

"Come," says Caspian. I will take you to meet some of the others.

The first one he brought you to see was a pure white mare named North. She smiled shyly but says nothing. "She has never spoken. We know not why."

When you continue on though, she follows, albeit silent.


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