The Magical Herd

The Mountains


You rode Firecracker along towards the towering mountains. The closer they came, the more imposing they seemed. Strangely though, the grass on the plains grew sparser and sparser as you neared the mountains. Soon you were in a desert like area, complete with cacti and tumblweeds. Off in the distance you could see a yellow form and a much smaller grey blob nearing you at great speed. As they neared, you saw what looked like a horse and a bird. But you knew better than to assume you might be looking at a normal horse.

The filly jumped high in the air and landed playfully in front of you, a large smile on her face. The bird settled down gracefully on the filly's withers.

"My name is Ni'met and I am a Ka'rie. My parents were from The Karina Desert , but I live here, near the mountains."

You were happy to discover that this filly could speak you language. Ni'met laughed. "I can speak with Silver Streak here too. I'm good with languages." She studied you for a moment. "Do you have any strawberries? I love strawberries."

You shake your head, unfortunately you don't. But you did have a chocolate bar. Ni'met gives it a nibble.

"Pretty good. Not as good as strawberries, but still tasty." It must have been very good because she gobbled it down in an instant. Then she said, "I wouldn't go that way up the mountain if I were you. No equines live there and it's difficult travelling. But maybe the view would be worth it," she shrugs in an equine manner. "Course you could follow that path path. There you might find some more mystical horses, as well as other creatures."

Name: Ni'met
Age: Adult
Sire: Ra'rye
Dam: Ya'tae
Gender: Female
Spectrum: Spectrum of Dancing Winds
Offspring: None


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