The Magical Herd

The Nixphe


The next nixphe stood tall and elegant, her long slim horns turning upwards and the wind wrapping her mane around a smooth curving neck.

~That's Mizra, she just morphed out of the House of Nun, a house which contains all the babies until they grow and have their first morph. When they are in that house they are a simple grey in colour. She is now in the house of Swan.~

Though Mizra was younger than Fethyl, she seemed to have an inherent dignity and widsom the other Nixphe lacked. Fethyl looked like he would enjoy a good joke, but Mizra seemed to be of a more sophisticated type. Perhaps it was the deer blood flowing through her veins that gave that impression. However, a twinkle in her eye let you know that she enjoyed having fun as much as the next person.

Name - Mizra
Present House - Swan (Seasons Coalition - White)
Previous Houses - NA
Number of Morphs - 1

Moonlight Plains
October 2001
October 2001
October 2001