The Magical Herd

The Nixphe


You were then to meet the youngest member of the Nixphe, who was still a member of the House of Nun. The little foal romped about and leapt and played then noticed you. He came over, curious as any youngster of any species. You now saw what Firecracker meant about the young being grey in colour.

You looked at the slim and graceful foal and you could see how different they all were from each other. They were fascinating and complicated creatures.

Your head was swimming with Houses and Flamings and all the other details that went into this magical species. You wondered if even they knew all about their own existence. Shesta nibbled on your hand, then decided you were not particularly edible, so wandered off to find the sweetest blades of grass in the plains. You knew you'd return often to see how they changed from House to House, and more exciting, whether any found the secret of Flaming.

Name - Shesta
Present House - House of Nun
Previous Houses - NA
Number of Morphs - 0

Moonlight Plains
October 2001