The Magical Herd

The Nixphe


Firecracker brought you to a special part of the Plains. Here the Nixphe live.

The what? you ask.

~They're equine based, though some of them may not look it. They're a little bit of everything, so each is rather unique. They come from the Moonlight Plains. Yes, there's one of them ones now!~

The equine creature was grazing calmly in the moonlight.

It raised its head and looked at you with large gentle eyes.

Firecracker starts to speak of these creatures, ~Its name is Fethyl. The Nixphe are born rather plain looking, but that changes when they morph. When Fethyl was born his colours where those of grey and black. Depending upon the House and Coalition he belongs to, he will change his colours. ~

Morph? House?

~I'm not too sure of the process, but it will change that symbol you see there. And then sometimes they flame which is apparently quite spectacular but I've yet to see it. The exact conditions required are a kind of secret.~ he grins.

Name - Fethyl
Present House - Sun (Times Coalition - Yellow)
Previous Houses - Royal Crown (Seasons Coalition - Purple)
Number of Morphs - 2

Moonlight Plains
August 2001
August 2001
September 2001
September 2001
October 2005