The Magical Herd

The Meadow


You walked along, enjoying the warm, but not too hot, midday sunshine. You could smell flowers in the air and the breeze made soft rustling noises as if blew through the grasses and trees. Insects buzzed, birds sand, hooves pounded the earth.....

You were woken from your reverie as two Sha-Haven creatures galloped up. They were larger than those you met before, being pony sized. A mare and a stallion. The stallion looked at you warily while the mare seemed friendly enough.

She spoke first. "Hello. I'm Moonblood and this is my mate, Silverstorm. We are Veritels." The dapple grey stallion glared at you, obviously very protective of his mate.

"Oh, just ignore him. He might look mean and tough but he's a sweety underneath his steel grey coat." She nuzzled him, as he looked slightly offended. He melted immediately at her touch.

"Hmph," was the only word you were ever going to hear him say. Guess he's the strong silent type.

You explain that you must now go, that there are many other things to see and do here. Silverstorm seemed relieved that you weren't going to find out any more of his "cute & cuddly" secrets. Moonblood seemed a bit sad but understood. She wished you well on your journeys.

As you left you tried you best not to laugh at Silverstorm's expression when Moonblood told you to come visit anytime you like.

August 2000


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