The Magical Herd

The Meadow


A slight fluttering could be heard above your head so you look up to see two graceful creatures hovering above you.

The little creatures flitted about silently. As you watched it became obvious that they were communicating in some way, but you couldn't quite figure out how. They had beautiful autumn colours and you enjoyed watching them as much as they seemed to be interested in watching you.

They flitter over to a tree where a piece of paper was tacked on. You begin to read.

Aernels are relatives of the crenels and shaenels. They are very, very delicate, eat nectar, and cannot speak or communicate in any way other than with another aernel but no one quite knows how they do it.

They originate from Sha-Haven

When you're done reading the short note, you discover that they two aernels had vanished.

December 2000


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