The Magical Herd

The Meadow


Ah, warmth. Those were the first words to go through your mind as the snow disappeared with the Valentine's Day crenels and shaenels. Oh, yes, don't forget the tempermental okurimono! You were starting to think that the meadow must be huge to be able to contain so many creatures. But then again, almost all of them are small. The crenels could fit in a hand, the shaenels are probably closer to the size of a cat. That was probably why you noticed the shaenel family first.

"Hi, hi, hi!" the littlest one piped up. He was so cute, one hind leg was the colour of his father, one fore leg the colour of his mother, and the rest of him....well that was all him! "My name is Gentle Flight." The mother then introduced herself and her mate, "I am Shootingstar and my mate is Darkenedblood. We are happy to meet you!"

Then the three of the cried out, the little one shrieking in horror. You stopped moving and they gasped for air. The stallion said, "Watch where you step! You almost crushed the twins!"

The twins turned out to be two brother crenels, their names being R'nory and N'rory. "Everyone here was a gift to SunBlind for helping out Realm Keeper Jaysen at Sha-Haven. He wanted to know what to add to his realm, what to change, how to make it looked. So SunBlind filled out a survey with suggestions. At the end he gave us to her." R'nory didn't seem to be bother by having almost been flattened into a pancake by a giant foot. N'rory on the other hand was keep a great distance between you and him. Or at least great from his point of view. You could easily reach him in a single stride. After a bit of coaxing, he seemed to forgive you, and even offered a little bit of trust by coming to stand beside his brother. Or was that safety in numbers....oh well.

July 2000


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