The Magical Herd

The Meadow


You had the sudden sensation of being dragged back in time. Sure enough, at the bottom of the page is said February when it had just been July. You wonder what happened as you stared about the wintery snowscape. Soon enough, two brightly coloured creatures came into view.

You recognized the first as being a sheanel, the second as an okurimono. You couldn't help but notice their pink and red colouring. Suddenly February mades sense. The shaenel came up and introduced herself as "Cherry Heart" while okurimono's name was Valenta. Her eyes seemed to dare you to make a comment about her colours and her name.

Cherry Heart explained their existence here. "I was sent here by Lady Brooklyn, a friend of SunBlind. A sort of Valentine's Day gift made possible by Jaysen at Sha-Haven. Valenta was sent by Star in the same manner."

"Then when SunBlind went to thank Realm Keeper Jaysen, she found that there were still some crenels and shaenels left over from the gift giving that she could take home with her. I think she likes Sha creatures since she brought back quite a few of us. I don't think she could resist." Cherry Heart giggles. "Well, first comes Ruby Love."

"Then the pixie winged brother-sister pair. Romantic and Love's Being. Isn't Romantic such a funny name for a male shaenel?" Then Cherry Heart blushed as you noticed her staring at Romantic. You wondered if she thought he lived up to his name!

Putting on an announcer's voice, Cherry Heart continues. "Next we have the crenel pairs. The pink mare, red stallion pair are M'lia and K'rino. They've been together the longest. Racing up behind them is the pink mare, blue stallion pair of P'rina and J'nero. They are the most energetic and the youngest. The third pair is by far the most romantic. Red stallion Z'dro and lilac mare D'lora.

Cherry Heart looks about. "Yup, that's everyone." You could hear Romantic call her name. She turned an even darker shade of cherry red. "I gotta go, hope you stop by again soon!"

February 2000


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