The Magical Herd

The Meadow


You continue your exploration of the meadow and come across and group of three crenels.

"Hello," the green one pipes before the blue one breaks into a tirade of bucking, attracting the attention of the other two. When he seemed finished with what he was doing, the green mare turns back to you while the grey rolls his eyes.

"I'm L'nara. The blue stallion is N'kulo and the grey stallion is R'marti. We were a doorgift to SunBlind when she visited Sha-haven's summer festival. Come, we can show you the collection of shaenel figurines she bought in one of the tents while she was there."

"This is the most special one, it was customed coloured and numbered, see - second butterfly winged out of twelve." You noted the realistic coloring and the little loop of string which was how it was hanging off the tree branch. It looked very much like a shaenel hovering in the wind there.

"SunBlind couldn't resist the other beautiful figurines that were there. Here's the other butterfly winged one. Anyone could buy one that was coloured like this."

You note that they are both made of wood. You found the next one hanging off a neaby branch, slightly higher. It was the pixie winged kind.

It took a bit of hunting to find the fourth, the crenels running around the base of the tree. But being much taller than them, you had a better view of the tree. Plus the third figurine bumped you on the head as you poked through the branches. The drake winged one.

That one had been hard to see. The crenels cried out in unison as the fourth was found. This was a feathered one as expected.

"That's all of them," the grey R'marti says. "Realm Keeper Jaysen often hosts these kinds of events in Sha-Haven. You should visit if you haven't before, or go again if you have. There's always something going on, the place is forever changing."

July 2000


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