The Magical Herd

The Meadow


As you ride Firecracker, you notice a plaque nailed to a large oak tree. Dismounting, you enter the cool shade to read it.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a movement. Whatever it was disappeared behind the wide trunk of the massive oak. You walk around to try and see it, but of course, it keeps pace with you, remaining out of site. You spin around and go the other way. Unfortunately the creature seems to know that trick. So you stop moving, and it slowly comes out from around the trunk, thinking that you had kept on following it. It get a very startled look but doesn't run away again.

She watches you, a little nervous. There was a little tag hanging off her right foreleg with a small number 2 written on it. Then before your eyes, a mist seems to envelop her till you couldn't even see the tips of her long ears. When the wind clears the mist away, there is nothing there. You run around the tree but you were certain that she was not to be found.

*That was Mistral. She's an okurimono fog mare. She was won by SunBlind during a poetry contest at Sha-haven. It much surprised the Realm Keeper to get second place. Very surprised indeed. And very happy with her shy mare with the elemental power of fog.*

Fog was an element? Well, one does learn something new every day!

June 2000


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