The Magical Herd

The Meadow


The meadow which had up until now been bright and sunny suddenly started to cloud over and get a bit chilly. Soon snowflakes began to fall and the meadow was covered in blanket of purest white. The snowflakes were soft and fluffy and you watched with wonder as some of the biggest ones floated by. Then you shook your head. It couldn't have been. A *green* snowflake? You look, and sure enough it was gone. Then Firecracker nickered, and you saw it again. Only it wasn't a snowflake, it was a small winged horse.

The little green creature hovered before your face, then flitted from side to side as it avoided some of the larger flakes. Firecraker spoke with it in a language you couldn't understand then turned to you. "This is Winter Ivy, a Shaenel stallion from Sha-Haven. That's right, the same place that the crenels you met before came from. He's special as he was a Christmas gift to SunBlind from the Realm Keeper Jaysen." You nod absentmindedly as you look about the meadow, now buried in snow. At least that part had been explained.

Winter Ivy suddenly appeared buzzing his tiny wings right in front of you nose. He was bigger than then crenels who were small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but this stallion was still pretty small. That's when you noticed the little gem he had around his neck. You were about to ask about it when a particularly large snowflake smacked right into the green shaenel. It nearly knocked him out of the air. Quickly you reached out to catch him but he managed to get himself straightened out again on his own. Looking a bit embarassed he made a sort of bow in the air and flittered off in the slowing snowfall.

January 2000


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