The Magical Herd

The Grassland


By now it was already dark, the sun having disappeared over the horizon. You walk along in the cool night air, the moon being bright enough to see where you were going. That was, until the moon seemed to suddenly disappear behind a cloud. And then you sensed something scurry in front of you. You look down to see what it was but you see nothing at first. Finally the cloud passes by and lets the moonlight through once again. In front of you was a small, green equine with wings

Firecracker seemed quite happy with the arrival of this new creature.

*This is Wilan, a Smirkadian. He saw us walking here in the dark and decided to check us out.*

He seemed to say something but you couldn't here him. He flew up to your shoulder, settled there and repeated his question, "Sorry for my little voice, I forget humans can't hear such a high pitch unless I'm very close to them. It's nice to meet you." You reach up to stroke him, he quivers and nearly falls off your shoulder laughing.

*He's very ticklish,* Firecracker explains while Wilan tries to catch his breath.

"No I'm're not supposed to tell them. Whenever you tell someone that they're ticklish, people always tickle them more." Pouts. You promise you won't take advantage of his secret. He smiles.

*Ah, and there's Usur, from the Creation. He can help us find our way around in the dark!*

You look in the direction that your mount had indicated and saw a greenish glowing form. As it came closer you saw it was again some kind of equine. It had two curved horns on his head. He kept right on walking by as if none of you even existed, then paused a moment and looked back.

~*Come along now. I will light your way*~ His voice was soft and quiet. He probably didn't speak much. You wondered if he glowed this way naturally, or if he was some kind of ghost. You never did find the answer to *that* question.


Name: Wilan
Gender: Male
August 2000

Name: Usur
Gender: Male
January 2001

Isle of Varain - Agency no longer exists