The Magical Herd

The Grassland


You find yourself an area of very short grasses. Wherever you looked there were flowers of all kinds of colours and scents, and none that you had ever seen before. You stop to smell as many as you can for each was different and all were beautiful. Soon you realized that you weren't the only one with that idea.

The little equine you could see was also smelling the flowers. Then you saw it, the large brush of a tail, just like a fox. And he was sort of coloured like one too. When he got up you saw that instead of front hooves, he had fox paws!

<Chir'ki, I am Swift Fox in your language. I am a Forintie. We all have crystal horns, hooves and well as a crystal on our bodies. If not we have a mutation. Though as you can see I have the crystal parts right, I'm still a mutation. You can see my resemblance to a fox no doubt, including my tail, which would usually look like that of a lion's.>

Right away you knew you had met a very talkative little stallion. While he talked he never stopped for a breath, course he didn't need to as he was using telepathy.

You smiled as he continued to babble on about various other things including the weather, politics and the kitchen sink. You never knew that there was so much one could say about the kitchen sink. And the strangest part was, it was actually quite interesting and engaging! Anyway, you finally got him to slow down long enough to tell you that you had to go as it was starting to get dark. He seemed a bit sad to loose his conversation partner but nodded and trotted off into the sunset.


Name: (Swift Fox)
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild (contest prize)
Mate: None
Offspring: None
August 2000

Forintie - Agency no longer exists