The Magical Herd

The Grassland


Now it was closer to the afternoon. The sun was not so hot, but rather a warm glow on your skin. It was very nice to be riding out on the grasslands like this. There was even a tree here and there as your rode along. In the distance, a tall purple equine caught your eye, and you urged Firecracker towards it.


~Greetings~ her telepathic voiced flowed through your mind. Flowed like water in a stream. ~I am Melira, a Rehanya.~ Her voice had a strange foreign accent, quite exotic sounding.

Then came the sound of galloping hooves. Both equines raise their heads, ears pointed in the direction of the rumble. Soon you saw the brown equine coming at you at full tilt. He stopped nearby, snorting and rearing high into the air. But he had a big smile on his face.


His legs looked bandanged, but he seemed to have no injuries. Must be a characteristic of his race.

~His name is Deshay'Tyelis, which means Falling Sands in your language. He is Mithrin'p'san. I too come from the Keeper of the Realm where Deshay'Tyelis was born, but I was a gift to the Realm Keeper here. She chose me to teach him his language, as I am quite fluent in it. Even more so than I am in yours.~ Such a strange accent, almost hypnotic. The stallion bowed in greeting. The hypnotic effect of Melira's voice vanished.


Name: Melira
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
July 2000

Name: Deshay'Tyelis(Falling Sands)
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
July 2000

Mithrin'p'san - Agency no longer exists