The Magical Herd

The Grassland


The mare's whinny caught your attention. She was a beautiful yellow-green and her horn was long and sparkled in the light. A unicorn.

~No, a Gemedet from Starfire's Meadow.~ Firecracker said.

She whickers softly. "My name is Spring Morning, and this is my mate, Evening Fire."

The stallion bowed. His coat was made up of ferocious colours but he seemed extremely gentle.

~All Gemedets are.~

What, was Firecracker reading you mind now? You look at him.

~Sorry, couldn't help but overhear.~

"Humans have such private thoughts, you should honour that Firecracker," Evening Fire said smiling. "They have much they are ashamed of, though I don't see why. They're afraid others won't accept them, that they won't fit in. I suppose us magical creatures view things in a very different way, us being unique in one way or another."

You nod, but you still weren't sure you like the idea of your mount crawling around inside your head. Ah well. The breeze began to blow and you decided to let it lead you where it willed.


Name: Starfire's Spring Morning
Call Name: Morning
Gender: Mare
ID: g54f
Parentage: Wild
September 2001

Name: Starfire's Evening Fire
Call Name: Evening
Gender: Stallion
ID: g55m
Parentage: Wild
September 2001

Starfire's Meadow - Agency no longer exists