The Magical Herd

The Grassland


Allowing Usur to guide you in the dark, he brings you to a pair of very different equines. One was a brightly coloured orange equine while the other was the purest white with raven black mane and tail.

The white stallion greets you while the dragon-winged female darted about nervously.

"I am Mannil'kila, a Zylinian Horse and this is my companion, Tasho'saren, a Talanyr."

"There is an interesting story as to our being here. When we first came to SunBlind's Realm, we came as most creatures do. We were adopted from the Realm of Curbius Lakrofin. But something happened on our way here. We were lost."

Tasho seems to settle down at this point.

"For a long time we wandered a silent realm, a place called a harddrive. It was cold, cruel and perpetually in utter and complete darkness. We lost all sensations. We could not longer hear or see or even feel our way around. And in the this place we wandered, or so it seemed, for I thought I was walking, but I could not tell. I felt I would go mad. And had SunBlind not found us when she did, I most likely would have. Tasho still will not speak, though I hope that one day she will once more. She has a most beautiful voice."

Tasho shook her mane, obviously remembering that place called a harddrive. Sounded like an unpleasant place to be. But here the air was clear and sweet, and the signs of the dawn were showing on the horizon.

Wishing the two creatures and Usur well, you continue towards the rising sun.


Name: Mannil'kila
Gender: Male
Parents: Welvill'Tamil X Tegrii'Ifden
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Name: Tasho'saren
Gender: Female
Parents: Yuda'Roavion X Tiemo'Gente
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Curbius Lakrofin