The Magical Herd

The Grassland


The stallion was impossible to miss, his body was a bright yellow with blue stripes. He trotted over and made some gestures you couldn't understand. He paused a moment to wait for your response, then realized you didn't know what he'd meant. He bowed his head.

~Greetings fellow wanderer of the Grasslands, I am Telqua.~

His voice echoed inside your head, he was telepathic. You introduced yourself, hoping he could understand speech. He didn't have any trouble with it, though you weren't sure he wasn't reading your mind to do it.

~I am an Eveneq of the Ethenya breed. I see you do not know what that means. In truth it means little other than I have draconic wings and rams horns. The other breeds of my kind have different physical attributes, but we are all omnivorous equines with draconic influences.~

You ask him the meaning of his name, as you'd come to find that many of the equines in this Realm are given their names for a good reason. He looked almost insulted. ~We do not discuss such things with outsiders, please do not as for such an explanation again. There are others out there much more sensitive about such things than I!~

You promise not to, in the case if and when you do meet another of his kind. He nods again, ~It was a pleasure meeting one of your race, I'd heard...things...about humans, and I am glad to see that they are not necessarily true.~

With that he continued on his way, his body making swishing sounds through the tall grasses.


Name: Telqua
Gender: Male
ID: 005
Breed: Ethenya-Eveneq
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
July 2006