The Magical Herd

The Grassland


Up ahead you see a flash of yellow through the grasses, and you were certain it belonged to some living creature, perhaps a small equine. You try and catch sight of the small creature in the distance. But soon it was lost amongst the grass. You shrug your shoulders and start to search for something less elusive.

You walked for a long time before the little yellow creature appeared again. It was a small equine with draconic wings. It seemed to be studying you.

::Greetings traveller, my name is Wolfman.:: the little creature said telepathically. He was only about 4 inches high. ::I am an Aarocaretti, a wisdom element.::

You tell him you'd never heard of his species before and you'd like to know more, like were they related to any of the other small equines. He shakes his head, ::We're a mix of horse, dragon, gazelle and lizard.....the lizard part only affects our tails:: He spoke quietly and a little shyly. He seemed friendly enough but not exactly outgoing.

::My element prefers the mountainous region here, but I often come down to the grasslands, which is on the side of the mountains. You can see how the ground starts to rise to the west, those are the hills, behind them are the mountains.::

::I must go now. Enjoy your travels, and it was a pleasure being able to study my first human. Very interesting creatures indeed.....:: he said as he flew away.

You look at the rising ground ahead of you. Well you could always take a rest somewhere along the way if you got tired. You doubted that anything would eat you here. Of course, you never know......


Name: Wolf Man
Gender: Stallion
ID: 45
Element: Wisdom
Parents: Wild
Mate: ???
Offspring: None
March 2001

Aarocaretti - Agency no longer exists