The Magical Herd

The Forest


The trees were thining in this part of the forest and you were surprised to find that there was sand mixed in the soil. You remembered that there was supposed to be a desert in the Realm and you were probably nearing the edge of it. You wondered how such a rich lush forest could grow right on the edge of a dry, arid land...but then you didn't question much about this magical place anymore. Just assume that anything was possible.

And one possible thing you might come across would be a strange equine creature unlike any you'd seen before, accompanied by a feline bird? Or an avian cat? But soon your attention was drawn back to the larger of the pair.

Though the head indeed resembled that of a horse, it had large paws and a feline-like tail. It tilted its head to one side and with a welcoming grin spoke, "Hello."

You return the greeting and hope that he would give his name and species, you were very curious but too shy to ask. He didn't disappoint. "My name is Neind'Nyalis, a C'bana from the deserts of Pegorn. I greet you fellow wanderer." As he spoke, he rolled his r's in a pleasant manner. "Are you a fellow follower of the One God of the North?"

The who, the what? you wonder.

The C'bana immediately became suspicious, his eyes narrow and he takes a step back. "Are you a heathen then? Or a worshipper of the old warrior gods, the Unicorn and the Dragon?" He flicked one ear causing the feathers attached to it to whip about.

You didn't know what to say. He didn't seem particularly dangerous or aggressive, but he did have a couple of nasty looking horns on his nose and those big paws could be concealing claws. But you didn't want to lie either, and so you explained that you knew nothing of his dieties.

"Hmm," he said, still wary of you. "At least you are not one of the warring ones. The desert clans that worship the old gods often war with each other. I didn't not care for this, so chose instead to follow the One God of the North, and travel as an outcast. Pega, Goddess of Change and Seasons found me and brought me here. Though she tried to convince me that she was not a goddess, I maintained my faith and still believe."

It sounded like Pega in Pegorn was much like SunBlind here. A Realm Keeper but not a goddess. But he seemed so proud to have met an actual deity, to have spoken to her and "passed" her "test" of faith, that you decided not to confuse him. He appeared to be a very religious and superstitious creature and faith was always a very tricky thing to deal with. Neind'Nyalis was the first you'd met that had such deep devotions.

Eventually Neind'Nyalis decided that you were hopelessly heathen and gave up trying to convert you. With a sigh of relief you continue along the forest path. It wasn't long till you encountered a very strange pair. The bigger one, looked like a C'bana stallion, but the smaller one kinda looke like a the shape of a horse? The stallion looked your way, his eyes glittering through the holes in his skull-like mask.

It was the green-thing that spoke first. "Oh, a human traveller! ????, we haven't seen many of those around lately." The stallion snorted in reply. The green creature then addressed you directly, "I am Jade, a Siamphico from the Realm of Pegorn and this is..."

She was about to introduce the stallion, but he stamped his hoof upon the ground with a loud thump. "I smell a heathen on that human's clothing." His voice was deep and gruff, roughened by the dry air of his desert homeland. You blink at him, wondering what he meant. The frog-horse looking up at the stallion with awe. Obviously she was very fond of him, he could speak no wrong in her eyes, there was no wonder he could not perform, including smelling a heathen on your clothing. Did he mean you?

"I remember that little runt, who turned away from the Old Gods to follow the so called One True God." He shook his mane in disgust. At least you understood now, this stallion worship the Warrior gods, though knowing this made you kind of nervous...

The Siamphico placed a webbed foot upon the stallions large hoof, "Don't let him get to you. The Gods will have their revenge on him." The stallion nodded, satisfied that this would be so. His gaze toward Jade was gentle and kind, but it hardened again when his eyes settled once more on you.

"And what are your beliefs?"

You explain you worship none of the aforementioned deities, that you are a follower of your own, human, religion. He didn't seem particularly pleased with your answer, but at the same time, you weren't a threat to his own Truths.

You ask if he travelled as an outcast. A sudden fury flared up his eyes, and his ears pinned back on his head. Jade stepped in to calm the stallion, "I'm sure the human didn't know what that meant." The stallion swished his tail in annoyance, then laughed. "No, I have not abandonned my tribe, but rather I seek adventure, glory and victory for my people."

Jade explained, "Swiyedune is a warrior, like the rest of his tribe." She spoke this with great reverence and he basked in her compliment. "He and his tribe have fought and won many battles." You wondered if those battles were against other tribes, or against other enemies, either way, you didn't want to find out the hard way how good a warrior the stallion really was. Before you risk another insult, you decide to take your leave. The C'bana was quite content to let you go, as if your human religious beliefs were tainting his own. You wondered what gods Jade worshipped...then just as quickly stopped that thought. It as obvious she worshipped Swiyedune

These C'bana were weird.


Name: Neind'Nyalis [Endless Sands]
Gender: Male
Type: Desert
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
August 2005

Name: Swiyedune [Shifting Dunes]
ID: 210
Gender: Male
Type: Desert
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
August 2006