The Magical Herd

The Forest


The next creature to pop out of the trees would not attempt to test your faith as the desert C'bana had. Mequis were simple, happy creature who wanted you to pass only one test, to have fun. This female was no exception, she beamed a friendly smile when she saw you.

"Hi there! I'm Nova. A Mequis! Bet you've never seen anything like me before." You had to disappoint her, as you had by now met exactly two dozen. She blinked in surprise. "I thought there weren't any Mequis where the humans lived." You explained that all the Mequis that you had met, you'd met here. She laughed, "Well then, I guess you must still find us pretty special." You laugh with her, Mequis were very special indeed. The only thing that surprised you though, was that she appeared to be alone.


Name: Nova
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Mamba: None
Offspring: None
April 2006

The EverRealm