The Magical Herd

The Forest


You sighed a breath of relief. The Mequis were cute, but their out-of-control energy could be exhausting. Instead, you were glad of the peaceful solitude the forest now presented to you. Nothing but the sound of the birds and the wind whispering through the trees. You'd spent so much time focused on the creatures that lived in these woods that you'd missed out on the magic of the forest itself.

But you were not alone...

The powerful Fei'daqq mare moved towards you. She was not like Aruse'Jamet at all, he was a graceful dancer, but this mare was all about strength. Her mane was cut and tied into short tufts, just her forelock was allowed to grow long and flowing.

"Who are you?" she demanded with an imperial voice.

Just a traveller, you replied. She snorted in disdain, "And you were allowed passage here?" You nod, wondering if she would believe you and what would happen if she did not. "No, you could not be here if you were not permitted..." Her eyes seemed to bore deep into your soul.

It suddenly struck you as you noted the medallion about her neck. It was blue and gold and shaped as a scarab. You'd seen it before, not in this Realm but in your own world. It looked very Egyptian, as did the transparent clothes floating about her legs. You ask her were she got them.

She pinned her ear back at that question, "It is none of your concern." You wondered if it was a human that had passed this way before that had offered them to her, or whether it had been her who had been to your world. Either way, she seemed kind of embarassed about it, as if she didn't want you to know that she had dealt with humans before, probably on a friendly basis if gifts had been exchanged.

You gather up the courage to ask her name. With another snort, she replied "Ionite'Vejiaai. That means Solar Goddess, as I assume you do not speak our language." With that she leaves you to wonder how often people and other creatures cross back-and-forth between different Realms.

But you did not wonder long. Before you knew, a big, bright blue flash galloped by.

It took her a moment to stop her forward momentum and come back to you at a trot. That's when you noticed the small creature clinging to her mane. They were both laughing. The mare spoke to you when she'd caught her breath, "Have you seen my mother?"

If her mother was Ionite'Vejiaai, you said yes, you had.

"Good, where'd she go? We've been looking for her."

You point out where she went, but you didn't let her go without telling you her name...or explain the bright little critter on her back.

"Silly me, I always forget to introduce myself properly...I usually forget to do most things actually! My name is Ataziv'Ceichae, or Flash Flood." You had to admit the name fit. "My friend is a Weaver...most of them have wings, and because he doesn't have one he's an outcast. I don't know what the big deal is anyway, I haven't got wings and that's never been a problem." She shrugs and the Weaves is shifted up and then back down, he giggled.

"Well, we'd better hurry or we'll never find my mother. See ya!" With that she spun around. The Weaver barely had time to grab on again before he was airborn, clinging to her mane for dear life, his face a giant grin. Who said he couldn't fly!


Name: Ionite'Vejiaai (Solar Goddess)
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Chatqui: Sun and Life
Herd: Pynnar Foriie
March 2005

Notes: She has two sheets of nearly transparent fabric hanging off the blue-metal bands on her forelegs. A yellow and blue scarab hangs at her chest. Her three stud earrings support a carved, gold medallion. Her mane is not normally that short, but she cuts it off once it gets too long. Only the one strand of her forelock is left to grow. Her eyes are rust red.

Name: Ataziv'Ceichae (Flash Flood)
Gender: Female
Parents: Ionite'Vejiaai x Hyvae'Teyon
Chatqui: Lightning and Rain
Herd: Rusted Leaf
March 2005

Notes: She's very youthful and mildly irresponsible as she's easily distracted. None the less, she takes care of a flightless Weaver. The Weavers are the small, dragon-like creatures that create the Fei'daqq's adornments. This one doesn't have wings, and as such, was kicked out of his society. Weavers are extremely vain, arrogant, and prideful creatures. Any fault is generally viewed as a weakness; this one's mutation simply wouldn't be tolerated.

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