The Magical Herd

The Field


You follow the path indicated by the proud stallion and found Diazna'shi pushing his nose into the dirt. Then he heard you come and he raised his head to see who was coming.


He comes forward, very interested in the visitor. He makes a graceful bow and says "Haram Salu! That's a greeting from the Tir'na'bainne'gile'lair." Like as if you hadn't figured that out yet. You looked in amazement at his long blue legs. "Its a gift from my mother. Father blames my energy on her as well. Claims she had way too much candy before I was born. I love candy too!"

He wanders off a bit, then you see him start suddenly. Then he's careening about the field, spinning around, nearly crashing into trees. Looked like he had lost it. Then he heads right towards you and Sk'nitha. Crashing through the two of you, he pants, "Gotta get that bug". The golden stallion looks at you, and the pair of you break out laughing. He wasn't kidding when he mentioned his pre-birth sugar-high!

When he returns, he's carefully balancing a raindrop on his nose. "This is a gift from Halah'arla, my mate. I love the way it sparkles, and the way it tickles!"


Name: Diazna'shi
Gender: Male
Parents: Sk'nitha x Saffon'vamin
Tribe: Fire and water
Birth Clan: Spirit Moon
Clan: Autumn Faith
Mate: Halah'Arla
Offspring: None

Body: w,Blk
Mane: Blk,mu(multicoloured)
Markings: N,a
Fore: h,h
Hind: d,h
Tail: L,d
Horns: u,u