The Magical Herd

The Field


*This is Nit,* Firecracker says as you dismount. *We're not really sure what he is, so don't ask* Nit laughs at Firecrackers words.


~I'm here to watch over Sk'nitha.~ He then moves aside so that you can see the one he spoke of.


A golden horse-like antelope creature was dancing before your eyes. Obviously the stallion had not noticed your arrival, so intense was he in his dance. Though you could not hear the music to which he moved, you could see it, if one could ever really see music. His graceful movements, at times like water in a stream, at times like a gently falling snowflake, were unlike anything you had ever seen before. No bird in the sky, no fish in the sea could compare, or so it seemed.

At last the Mahnon Pah'llock opened his clear green eyes and saw you. He stopped his dance, and you felt that you had suddenly made all the music in the world disappear, never to be heard again. Then he bucked playfully and came over to you. You could see a small notch in one of his ears, and wondered how he got it.

~Haram Salu K'zarti! My name is Sk'nitha, which mean "sun dancer" in my native tongue. My father, Glaesyne, taught me your language well and at a young age. I see you were watching my dance! I'm glad, since I love to dance, whether or not anyone one is watching.~

With that he starts another dance, a fiery one, his legs moved so fast you could not keep track of them, they just seemed like a golden blur in the air.

*Now you understand why he is of the tribes of fire and dance. Put both of them together and you get an interesting combination!* Firecracker whispers by your ear.

Gasping for breath, Sk'nitha comes back to join you. ~I think................I have..............danced enough..........for a little......while....~ But he still had energy enough to take a playful nip at Firecracker and Nit. ~While I rest, please visit the others of my family and of my homeland.~ Realizing he had never told you where he was from he quickly adds, ~The Tir'na'bainne'gile'lair is where many of the Mahnon Pah'llock's can be found. There lives the two founding clans, though many have come into existence since then. For a time there was great worry that our race would fade and die away, but it seems as if the herds are still strong, and growing stronger with every passing day.~

He becomes wistful, ~Ah, my mate Saffon'vanim. Is she not the most beautiful filly to walk this world? When I hear her songs, I cannot but help dancing to her music.~

Sk'nitha then can't resist standing tall and proud. The thought of his mate brought him to another wonderful thought. ~I'd like you to meet someone important, one of the newest members of the Clan of the Spirit Moon. My son, Diazna'shi. That translates to "Golden Season" in the language of the Tir.~ He indicates a path.


Name: Sk'nitha
Gender: Male
Parents: Glaesyne x Rah'ni
Tribe: Fire and dance
Birth Clan: Silver Moon
Clan: Spirit Moon
Mate: Saffon'vanim
Offspring: Diazna'shi, Angel's Eclipse

Body: pa,pa
Mane: flx,w
Markings: a,a
Fore: h,h
Hind: d,d
Tail: L,d
Horns: D,u
Mutation: N.n

The Silver Unicorn