The Magical Herd

The Field


Firecrackers indicates that you should mount once again. *There is a mare I think you'd like to meet. Quite different from these two, though she also likes to dance.* For a while you ride over the grass, and listen to the shusshing sound it made in the wind. And then you saw her, and she was beautiful.


*That is Scheherazade, a Parade Prancer*

She trots over gracefully, nodding her head, the tassles on her bridle swinging about gently. "Greetings traveller," she said in her softly accented voice, "I do hope you are enjoying your journey through SunBlind's Realm."

You replied that you were enjoying it very much, and that you were meeting many strange but wonderful creatures. At that she laughed and said, "Do you think I am strange?" At first you wanted to point out to her that she was a talking horse, but around here, that wasn't strange at all, and you were getting used to it. So you replied that she was one of the wonderful ones. She smiled, flattered, and tossed her mane.

Just then a foal racing through the flowers and grass rushed up to you. The filly circled you at a full gallop until her long legs stumbled and she was forced to slow to a walk. Finally she stopped and walked up to you, soft muzzle extended towards your hand.

[Gray Rose]

"This is Gray Rose, she's still very young and flighty." The filly nipped at your finger tips mischieviously, then spun on her hindquarters and dashed off once again. Scheherazade turned to you, "I wish you well on your journey, and may you find more strange and wonderful things ahead."


Name: Scheherazade
ID: 016
Gender: Mare
Lineage: Wild x Wild
Colour: N - Bay
Build: Medium-Light
Type: Arabian Nights

Name: Gray Rose
ID: 046
Gender: Filly
Lineage: Wild x Wild
Colour: N - Rose Grey
Build: Light
Type: Spring - Foal Stage

Parade Prancers