The Magical Herd

The Desert


As you kind of expected, you didn't wander alone for long. Sure enough another drigus showed himself to you. This one was once again a bit of a variation on the genetic structure of the first few drigetti you came across. There must be different evolutionary paths depending on where the drigus was originally from.

This one sniffed at you for a moment before offering you nothing but his name, "Vitali."

He cocked his head as he listened to your introduction. Then merely looked at you. This must be one of the more moody drigetti you've encountered. He did nothing but stare at you for a while. Then his tail started to twitch. Trying to start a conversation, you realize that he was getting kind of annoyed.

Finally he says, "I am a Pathes drigus. Pathes Drigetti,are not Drigetti born in the normal fashion - from an egg. Pathes Drigetti are magickal creations of the desert surrounding this Path. We cannot have children, though we can choose mates."

This time, seemingly very irritated by his need to speak more than a couple words, he turns, spreads his wings and takes to the air, leaving you once more alone in the desert.

Name: Vitali
Gender: Male
Mane: Yellow/Orange
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
February 25, 2000
WHISKERS: w,W (short/spots)
HEAD: T, e (tiger)
EARS: e, d (equine/dragon)
MANE: M, M (long/glossy)
BODY: t, t (tiger)
FEET: D, e (dragon)
TAIL: e, e (equine)
WINGS: N, n (3-pinion)
MUTATION: u, U (minor)
HAIR COLOR: p, p (pale yellow)
Pathes Drigus