The Magical Herd

The Desert


The sand hissed over the dunes. You suddenly felt very much alone. You looked back to see if Vitali was still in sight, but there was nothing but sand. Sand and the sun. Carefully you called out, hoping that someone, or at least something, might hear you. But you were met with silence.

Shrugging, you start to walk though the sand, climbing one dune after another until they all start to look the same, yet different. They were shifting in the wind. And now that you think about it, the wind was pushing you around a bit too. For all you knew, you had been walking in circles, the shifting sands covering your tracks.

You stop, feeling very small and alone in a very big desert.

Then the sounds of something moving through the sand gets your attention. You see a small bump in the sand moving all around. You bend over to take a closer look and and small mouse like creature with a very long tail jumps out. It squeaks and bounds out of sight.

Once again you're alone in the desert.

That is, until the sounds of another creature in the sand attracts your attention.......

^I am Ruell, who and what are you?^

You introduce yourself, and mention the names of the other drigetti you've met in the desert.

^Other drigetti? You must be suffering from heat stroke, there are no others like me here. The only other creature I have ever seen is the desert mouse.^

You explain that there most certain are others out there, you've seen them. But he shakes his head. ^No, we are the only ones. There is nothing out there. Just the desert, the wind, the sun...and us. Nothing more. Never was, never will be.^

Now its your turn to shake your head. Out in the absolute solitude of this place you could almost be convinced it was true. After all, drigetti don't exist do they? And what about small talking horses with fiery red manes, those can't be real either. You look about and Ruell is gone now too. Perhaps they had all been a mirage, perhaps you were hallucinating. The mouse bounds by again.

The sands shifted, and you didn't know what to believe anymore

Name: Ruell
Gender: Male
Mane: Blue
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
October 2002
The Nameless Forest