The Magical Herd

The Desert


The gentle snowfall soon turned into a winter blizzard. This would not be surprising if you were living in the arctic, but it was very strange here in the desert. The drigetti seemed nervous. Then, a shadow passed, and was lost in the swirling snow. At first you thought it was your imagination, but is seemed like the others saw it too. You shivered from the cold, bitting wind that now blew over the desert sands. Snow and sand mixed, making it almost impossible to see anything. Then, it just stopped.

A white drigus, with mane the colour of ice and wings a winter blue stood before the shivering group. She stood there, watching the group, cocking her head to one side as she studied you.

You asked the obvious question, "Who are you?"

She seemed reluctant to answer. As the sun shone down once more, it was obvious she was getting uncomfortable in the heat. "My name is Winter Ice. I am a winter drigus. Where am I?" she questioned of you.

You told her about the Plains of the Mystical Horses and the drigus desert. She seemed interested, but she was now sweating in the glare of the sun. Kaelin stepped in, "I'm sure we can create a permanent winter in a part of this desert. It is large and expansive, certainly room for us all"

She thanked him as she flapped her wings to cool herself off. Galen offered to create this winter land, he wasn't sure if his powers were strong enough, but he could try. And so the two flew off to find a suitable place, a bit out of the way so that no other drigetti might stumble into it by mistake and catch cold.

You were left to wander alone......

Name: Winter Ice
Gender: Male
Mane: Ice Blue
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
December 22, 1999
The First Pegasus