The Magical Herd

The Desert


You follow the sound of the voice. It was a strange language, almost as if someone were speaking backwards. Galen cocks his head at you to let you know he was thinking the same thing. You come over the top of a dune and catch a glimpse of a oranged maned drigus.


She seemed to have a worried look on her face as she continued to mumble to herself. You call out to her and she looks up at you, surprised. On seeing Galen she seemed to relax a little. Sliding down the sand dune, you ask her name.

*ailaT* she replies.

What? Oh, Talia. She really was speaking backwards, though she could understand you and Galen perfectly. Ga;en shrugs, he had no idea what was going on either. Then the wind began to blow and you prepared to be sent to the future once again.

But that wasn't exactly what happened. You realized that when you were showered by sand from a teenage Talia skidding to a halt in front of you. She was laughing.


Then she started to flirt with Galen. The surprised drigus tried to discourage her but wasn't very successful. Still she spoke backwards making her very hard to understand, if at all. At least she didn't tend to walk backwards, it was Galen who was doing that, retreating from her advances. He looked confused and you told him about how you time travelled before, but always forwards in time, never back. Galen shook his mane and tried to think, but Talia wasn't giving him much of a chance. Finally fed up with her, he spread his wings and blew sand in all directions as he prepared to take flight....

And then Talia was suddenly a lot smaller. Hatchling size in fact. She whimpered quietly until you and Galen cuddled up with her.


You couldn't help but think that she was a cute little hatchling. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she slept, snoring very softly. Lying there in the rays of the setting sun was making you tired too. Looking over the little form you see that Galen had already joined the little one in much needed rest. And so you closed your eyes.

And you awoke to find yourself curled around an egg and a adult drigus by your side. Looking up you see another drigus and a white horse.


Kaelin smiled, ~You are very good at finding drigus eggs! We leave you for a few moments and you come back with another one.~

You realize that Vyr had accompanied them as well, ^Wonder what it will look like?^

You tell them exactly what she will look like, and even her name. They stared at you and Galen just smiled in the most iritating way when they turned to him for an explanation. Vyr gave Galen a good look and then said what the others were wondering, ^Where did you come from?^

Before Galen had the chance to *not* answer, it suddenly started to snow.

Name: Talia
Gender: Female
Mane: Orange
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
September 9, 1999