The Magical Herd

The Desert


You begin to wonder how deep into the desert it would be safe to go. It was getting more inhospitable by the moment and you were alone. Kaelin and Firecracker had remained behind, sleeping with Til'mali. Just as you were about to go back, a drigus egg caught your eye.


It seemed to swirl with all the colours imaginable! But it was so far in the desert. How could a hatchling survive way out here? Another urge took you and you started to carry the egg back to the others so that they could take care of it when it hatches. But just as you were carrying it, the egg started to shake in your hands! Quickly you put it down as it hatched right before you.


And so Galen emerged from his rainbow egg to greet the noonday desert sun.

Soon he was running about the sands faster than you could keep up with him. Sweating, you drop to the ground and young Galen shadows you from the sun. He didn't seem to mind the heat at all.


Finally, as the sun was just beginning to set, you get up with Galen following you. You wonder what the other drigetti will think about this!

You continued through the desert for what felt like forever. Days and night merged into each other and you lost track of how long you'd been out there. Weeks? Months? Years!? Galen was always very good at finding water for you, and he was an excellent hunter, his dragon talons often coming in handy. One day you looked at him, and realized that it must have been years, for now he was an adult, no longer a long-legged teen. He was now a calm and slightly mysterious character. Actually, you had begun to suspect that he may have some kind of magical powers, but haven't been able to get him to tell you anything. He never tells you anything if he doesn't have to.


Just as this thought crossed your mind, you hear a sound coming from the distance. Sounded like someone talking, in a strange language.

Name: Galen
Gender: Male
Mane: Black-Silver-Black-Gold-Black
Sire: Eric (#79)
Dam: Kyria (#74b)
Mate: Siaje
Offspring: None
September 9, 1999
Body: H*, d
Tail: H, m
Ears: d, d
Head: D*, t
Feet: D*, h
Spines: Y, Y
Color: w, w
Whiskers: N, N
Mutation: N, y